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Custom Eagle Bolo

by Louisa Berky |

This custom eagle bolo was created for a woman who graduated from her medical residency this summer. She was in search of piece of jewelry to commemorate her years of hard work. She has taken a lot of inspiration from bald eagles and wanted an image that included an eagle, tail or feather. Her search online had resulted in many eagle themed items that were too aggressive for her taste and she wanted a softer, more artsy style. 
She also liked the flower on the Georgia Cow Skull Belt Buckle, so we decided to add flowers to the bolo tips. She was kind enough to allow me to make a mold of the design. I don't have them up on the website yet, but I have a couple in bronze and sterling. Send me an email if you are interested! 
Transferring the design to wax
Cutting out the outline of the eagle using a wax jewelry saw
Refining the shape and volume with a needle file
Continuing to refine the shape and smooth the wax surface with files and carving tools
Created a small flower to dangle off the end of the bolo tip
Adding the back and checking it fits with the leather bolo cord before sending it off to be cast in bronze
Final product! Bronze eagle bolo with flower bolo tips


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