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About Louisa B.

Elegantly handcrafted jewelry that melds timeless technique with a refreshingly organic style.

louisa berky jewelry designer

Louisa B. Designs is devoted to creating jewelry for those who seek to express their bold character with a piece of handcrafted art.

The Process

Curiosity is my inspiration and basis of creative thought. It requires faith and trust: faith that artistic exploration is time well spent, and trust to devote energy and resources to an unknown destination. It is intangible and that is what makes it so special and authentic. In the elusive moment between limitless possibility and functional design, at once weightless and grounding, is where I aspire to create my jewelry. 

Most jewelry pieces are initially formed in wax, allowing for greater experimentation and expression. The malleability of the wax gives way to twisting and curving shapes that seem to defy the properties of metal.  Lost wax casting is used to render the wax original into metal. As each piece of jewelry comes to life, the characteristics observed in nature reveal a distinct organic form that I transform into wearable pieces of art.



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