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Arrowleaf Balsamroot

by Louisa Berky |

These hearty wildflowers are an early sign of spring in the West. They cover the hillsides in a sea of yellow flowers, often interspersed with lupin. The distinctive leaf resembles an arrowhead (thus the name).
Available in sterling silver or bronze as the full Arrowleaf Balsamroot or as individual pieces (just the Balsamroot or just the Arrowleaf). 
Went for a hike with the pups and picked a bouquet of arrowleaf balsamroot to use as a prototype 
Created the general shape of the flower using a wax lathe. Sketched out the leaves and began to cut out each individual petal. 
Used carving tools & files to shape and define each petal
Cut out the leaf from a block of hard carving wax using a small wax jeweler saw
Refined the shape of the flower and leaf. Created a stem out of wax wire to connect them together
Sent the waxes off to the caster to be molded and then cast into sterling silver and bronze. Once back from the caster, time to polish using a variety of polishing wheels on the flex shaft. 
Final product! Available in sterling silver 


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