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Feather Necklace

by Louisa Berky |

This necklace started as a custom commission for a dear family friend. It began as a one of a kind project, but I loved the results so much I couldn’t help but make more! The shape is copied from a photo of an actual feather, resulting in a shape that isn't perfect, but rather resembling a feather you might find along the side of a trail or gracefully floating in the wind. You can purchase both the sterling silver and bronze version here! 

Copying the feather outline onto hard carving wax. I use a push pin to transfer the design

Cutting out the outline with a twisted jewelers saw blade. The twisted saw blade prevents wax buildup in the teeth of the saw and makes it easier to cut in all directions

Refining the shape of the feather, starting with a coarse file to create the general shape

Switching to a finer file to further refine details and smooth out the surface 

The centerline of the feather was added by melting a different type of wax intended for more detailed elements and dripping in onto the surface of the carving wax

Accidentally broke off the end of the feather, but that can be added back on later... Continuing to carve the individual barbs

Carving the front and back

Wax original is finished! Next step is to cast into metal

Polishing the cast piece


Sterling silver

Here is what the client wrote about her inspiration for the piece:

"Many years ago I met a young woman while I was working at our local Food Pantry. As we were talking I noticed she was wearing these incredible silver feather earrings. I asked her about them and she said they were her Grandmothers. She said she just started wearing them and I told her how amazing they looked on her. Since that day I couldn’t get those earrings out of my mind. I started thinking I should look around for a feather pendant or earrings. 

  Off and on over the years I would look in stores, in catalogs, online and even in Pawn Shops around Denver. Nothing caught my eye.

  Then I thought about you. I know you make wonderful jewelry from what Mother Nature gives to us all. That’s when I mentioned this project to you.

  From all the different pendants and earrings I’ve seen I knew I wanted certain features for this feather pendant. 

  First I thought it should have a large bail so that not only could I wear it on a chain but switch it out to a beaded necklace for a totally different look. Second I thought the feather should have a bit of a bend to it. Third I thought it should have some “Splits” in the vane to look like one you might find on the ground. And last I wanted it to be 3-4 inches long.

After sending you a few photos of real feathers and talking about what I envisioned you came up with exactly what I’ve been thinking about all these years. I love the detail on both sides.

  For the last 2-3 years I have been Birding with a very talented friend. I feel like the timing of this sterling silver feather pendant you created for me was meant to be. I love it!!

Thank you again... and... let’s work on some earrings!"

XOXO, Cathy



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