Wedding Bands in White Gold

Chose the Right Metal for Your Wedding Band

Wedding season is about to start, which means you and your significant other might find yourselves in the often daunting search for wedding bands. For many couples, up to this point, this is the most expensive investment in jewelry that you have made (minus the engagement ring) and the variety of metal and style options […]

Clean bench, making room for yet unrealized projects.

Be Daring

A clean bench. Making room for yet unrealized projects. To be daring. What does that really mean? This year I wanted to come up with a word that would define and steer my intentions for the upcoming year. I chose “daring” as a reminder to push myself to create new work that goes above and […]

Transition (fall landscape)

Transition: A Constant State of Upheaval

Transition is never easy. Moving from an area of comfort, reliability and predictability into the unknown is daunting. I find myself seeking comfort in habit and routine, while at the same time rebelling against the desire for consistency. I can only stay so long in reliability and predictability until I feel the urge to break free, start […]

Silver ring

Custom Wedding Band

Recently a good friend asked if I could make her fiancé a wedding band. Both are active people living in Colorado and he wanted a silver band to match his lifestyle. They sent along a few examples of rings he liked and we settled on a ring with a rough texture and areas of oxidation that would […]

Tree Branches and Berries

What sparks your curiosity?

I can’t believe it is already February! Every year I start off January 1st with big plans to reinvent the new year, organize my studio (and life), weed out my closet, clean up my diet and streamline my business. Yet before I know it, January has passed and I am already running behind. At this […]